Admittedly, this blog title needs an explanation…  A long time ago when I was thinking of ideas for stories, I thought about Toto in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and how this non-speaking character is there throughout everything.  Whilst it’s because of him that pretty much everything happens in the story, he’s basically just there along for the ride, he follows Dorothy and takes it all in.  So, I thought a film-related name from a film I love for a blog about watching tv and films (mainly) would be apt.

And an explanation about me… I’m a 40-something Welsh librarian who works in London and lives in Brighton.  My Mum got me into watching old movies on tv when I was very young; and my Gran usually took us out to the cinema to see the latest releases. I’ve been into film ever since, so much so that I ended up doing a degree in Film Studies at Uni.  I’m also a wannabe writer and thought this would be useful to help work on that.